The long run

This week has largely been about recovering from the race last weekend. In the early part of the week, my hay fever was still pretty bad, but as the week went on, and the temperature went down, the lethargy that I’d been feeling slowly disappeared.

And so we reached this morning, my first long run without intervals for over a month. The long run is the staple of a training plan, get the miles in, build the endurance, without having to hit the gas.

I had the added excitement of new wireless headphones this morning (more on those in a future post). I’m still experimenting with nutrition for these long runs. Some days I feel like I need more fuel, so because I didn’t have to be back early today I decided to have breakfast before I went out. Porridge and coffee. Actually two cups of coffee, and that was probably my undoing.

The first five miles went by pretty quickly, steady pace with my heart rate bang in the zone (under 140 bpm). I was running a loop today, and this was where I turned for home. Then the wind hit me! I thought it had been a cross wind and that I would have it pushing me home, but no. It was now a cross/head wind.

On top of that, my guts were starting to play up. I’ve struggled with this (what’s known as GI distress) since I started running, and today it was causing problems.

So the last five miles were more eventful that I had intended. Let’s just say I’ve learned to take some Andrex out with me on runs now.

Still, it was another long run in the bag on a beautiful autum morning, feeling the sun on my legs (not as strong / warm as it was a few weeks back, but pleasant none the less) and enjoying being out in the countryside.

If you run, what do you do about pre-run nutrition? Let me know, I’d appreciate your advice!


new headphones!
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The long run