What is the Enterprise #pop-up?

We’re holding the first Enterprise Pop-up at The University of Dundee on 2nd April and the tickets have been going like hot-cakes. But what is it exactly and how will it work?

The format for the pop-up is based loosely on the monthly ‘Jelly’ that @michjbarclay and I used to hold in our Creative Space in Aberdeen. And that means there isn’t much of a format at all! 

It’s a drop-in session, between 5&9pm, in the EduZone in the main Library. It’s a cool space as you can see from the pictures below.  So by drop in session, we mean that people are able to pitch up at any point in the evening, bring their ideas, their laptops & tablets, work on their ideas alongside like-minded people, and have some ‘experts’ and mentors in the room to bounce stuff off. We may put some tunes on, or you may want to work with headphones on. It’s entirely up to you.

What it’s not, is a structured, programmed evening, so don’t expect to turn up and be given tasks or work to do. You are the consumers but also the creators of the event.

At 7pm we’ll have a workshop on sales with Sandy McCurdy. Sales is where most businesses fall down, so Sandy will share tips and ideas, as well as answer your questions. It will be an interactive, high energy and fun session.

We’ll have coffee & pastries to keep us going, but the reality is that you, the participants and co-creators of the event, will create the real energy.

It’s something new, it’s something different, and it should be fun. 


What is the Enterprise #pop-up?

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